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"Her mission is just so powerful. 
It will change lives and 
influence the world."
Indiana-based event or conference organizer looking for someone to educate and empower your audience? 

When you invite Madison to speak:
  • Your audience will discover that their past is powerful and that they have a story worth sharing.
  • Your audience will become empowered to take their mission and message into their own hands using the power of their story.
  • Your audience will learn how to leave a lasting legacy by sharing the message the world needs from them.
Award-winning storyteller, bestselling author, poet, and story coach Madison Gonzalez has impacted countless lives by empowering others to own their stories. 

One of the most valuable things we each possess is our story. Stories make us who we are. Stories are exciting and beautiful and unique. They make us human and they connect us all. Whether you are looking to maximize your personal or professional potential, storytelling is your answer. Mastering the art of sharing your story is the key to increasing your impact and income because human beings are hardwired to connect to story. Story is able to access a level of emotion and response in us that  facts, stats, and graphs simply could never reach. Madison does just this in her talks and will empower your audience to do the same.

What Other's Are Saying:

"Madison’s message on the power of storytelling was a message that reached the deepest part of my heart and every fiber of my body... It took me out of the darkness that I was obliviously in, and into the light by encouraging me not to feel like an imposter while sharing my story. Her message made me realize that my story can help someone else. About two weeks after hearing Madison’s message, I landed a speaking gig to share my story at a church’s teen service. At the service, I was able to confidently speak knowing that my message would bring peace and hope to those in the room. After the talk, many of the teens mentioned how hearing my story gave them peace, hope, and a new perspective. I am so blessed to have heard Madison’s message right on time!"

- Charles Rose Jr., Author of Journey To Success

"What’s in a story? Stories can move you. They can start a political movement. They can inspire a generation. They are the lifeblood of any successful profession. I had the privilege of watching Madison present at the Author Advantage Live conference in Austin last fall, and I was blown away. She spoke without any pomp or vanity. She shared her story with so much poise and vulnerability, that the entire audience of 200+ was hanging on her every word. It was one of the most genuine connections I’ve ever felt with a speaker. Madison is a champion of your untold story! In her blog she says, “You cannot fully embrace and love yourself as you are today, if you do not stop hating the things that shaped you.” Great for any audience looking to fill their work with meaning and more genuine connections with their clients."

- Jake Gunnoe, PhD

“It’s an incredible feeling to have someone so genuinely care about your story. Madison does just that. She empowers others in a fresh and relatable way. She connects others to the purpose of their life events and stories giving people a brand new perspective on the big “why did this happen to me” question. She stirs up hope and ignites passion for turning life stories into an impact that will become a legacy. Her mission is just so powerful. It will change lives and influence the world.”

- Brittany Churchhill, Author of Tap In Not Out
"From Fatherless at 5
to Speaking to Millions
of People By Age 18"
When you invite Kyle to speak:
  • Your crowd gets moved to tears by Kyle's inspiring testimony.
  • Your crowd gets empowered to find and follow their purpose.
  • Your crowd gets hope to never give up on life or themselves.
Bestselling author Kyle Dendy has impacted countless lives with his story of going from fatherless at 5 after losing his father to suicide to speaking to millions by age 18. Over the last 6 years, he has used his young but powerful voice to speak in schools, churches and organizations on subjects like finding purpose, overcoming the fear of failure and social emotional learning in schools. Just a few years ago, Kyle was a high school student in Texas, but since graduating in 2016, his influence has spread around the world and we look forward to bringing it to your school.

Get a front row seat of one of Madison's presentations below...

Speaker Site
Speaker Site
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